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Navigating Independence: Tornike's Quest for Financial Freedom and the Perfect Roommate

Updated: Feb 12

As a student of the Tourism Faculty at Alte University, Tornike Kordzakhia is preparing to move out for independent living, equipped with several crucial steps towards achieving this goal. It's widely recognized that transitioning to independent living involves several stages, from deciding to finding and transitioning into a suitable apartment.

Alongside, there are numerous details to consider, which are significantly important but often overlooked in the excitement of independence.

Hence, it's intriguing to explore Tornike's experience and how he envisions initiating this new phase of life. Tornike emphasizes the importance of strengthening himself financially and becoming independent, as he's already immersed in the process of seeking new resources and self-improvement. He acknowledges that besides achieving his goals, he needs to manage financial responsibilities effectively. Moreover, various criteria influence his roommate choice, emphasizing the importance of finding someone who aligns with his lifestyle and can contribute positively to shared living arrangements.

Considering that housing prices in Tbilisi are generally high, Tornike decided to find an apartment and share it with a roommate, ensuring a more manageable financial situation. He believes proximity to the university and personal space within the apartment are crucial.

It's interesting to see what criteria Tornike values in a roommate. According to him, it's imperative to find someone who fits his personal space and contributes to a harmonious living environment. Tornike conveyed to potential roommates that he is highly committed and eager to select criteria from his potential roommate, which would help ensure a compatible living situation.

Following the establishment of his budget, desires, and requirements, Tornike utilizes platforms like, and a Facebook group made by to find suitable roommates, acknowledging the challenges of finding a compatible roommate and the necessity of a platform that simplifies and streamlines this process.

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