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Your Guide to Visa and Legal Matters

Updated: Jan 16

When planning to study in Georgia as an international student, it’s crucial to handle the legal aspects correctly. Understanding the regulations and starting the process early, before your arrival in Georgia, is key.

Visa and legal requirements vary based on your home country.In Georgia, there’s an official government website where all the essential information is gathered: Georgia e-Visa Official Website.

For instance, if you’re from India and wish to come to Georgia, you’ll need to apply for a visa online through the Georgia e-Visa official website: Georgia e-Visa Application.

Generally, to get permission to live in Georgia, you need to give Georgian Public Service Hall important papers about your finances, education, and taxes. Usually, it takes about one month to handle this paperwork. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can pay a bit more to get it done faster.

With so many details to handle, we strongly recommend getting advice from experts who know this process well. They can make things simpler for you and give you peace of mind. One of the best law firms in Georgia, LBP, with more than 10 years of experience, is really good at providing reliable help.

They can assist you in three main ways:

  1. Address all your questions and offer valuable advice.

  2. Assist you in gathering and organizing all the necessary documents, ensuring everything is legally sound.

  3. Guide you through the legal procedures, ensuring you understand your rights and what you’re allowed to do.

If you need help, You can contact them via this email address:

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